Wish List: Melody Ehsani Keeps Rolling The Dice w/ Reebok x We Love It

Image: Melody Ehsani.

Look, real jeans and real clothes are still items that I pine for but athleisure is fast becoming my go-to when it comes to post-gym errands and/or simply walking down the damn street. Leggings are comfortable. Windbreakers are comfortable. Sneakers are really, really comfortable.  So, in the midst of my search for jeans that haven't been "distressed" with a $70 mark up, you can also find me nabbing some sort of athletic garb because, yea, I'm getting too old to be uncomfortable in my clothes. 

That said, one of my favorite brand partnerships (heyyy Melody Ehsani and Reebok Classics!!) have linked once again for a fresh delivery of sneakers and track-inspired wear straight from Reebok's OG stylish renaissance.  The spring/summer offering draws massive amounts of inspiration from an era when sportswear was king.  Melody, always the perpetrator of #Chickspiration, also sends a pump to female equality with a noted raised fist on each item. 

Ehsani's collective range includes something for every one of us chicas with cropped windbreakers, sleek tank tops, high-waisted leggings and a plethora of different sneaker designsโ€”all in a poppy mix of colors and even a playful roll of the dice on the laces. Classic Melody flair.  This is why we love her.

You can shop the collection now through Melody Ehsani's website.  With prices ranging and from $38 to $180 USD, there is bound to be something that falls right in line with your budget. 

Which is your favorite piece? I'm definitely leaning towards a pair (or several) of the Reebok Nylon Classic sneaks and the Cropped Wind Breaker.  Let us know in the comments!