Wish List: Details are Major Key w/ the adidas WMNS Court Vantage

The devil (and the difference between keeping something in your shopping cart and and actual purchase) is in the details.  For us, the adidas Court Vantage is such a clean shoe we’re surprised it isn’t more popular.  It hits all of the, what I like to call, YES. YES. NO. marks, but for some reason it isn't flying off the shelves.  I'm not complaining. That just means more for us.

This latest offering, though - a variant of the silhouette dressed to perfection in dimpled suede on the midsole and a striking black heel tab - may just make these go from shopping cart to purchase real quick. Details, guys.

This adidas Court Vantage is on shelves now and can be coped by clicking the Shop The Sneaks link below. 

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