Rihanna's Puma Slides Sold Out in Minutes x People Are Super Mad About It

Image: Puma

A few weeks ago, Rihanna and Puma revealed that those furry slides she's been rocking since signing her creative deal would finally be available for purchase. As is the case with almost everything that Rihanna wears, the hype for the cozy slides reached epic level. So, it was no surprise that when they finally dropped this morning they sold out in minutes...damn near everywhere. Since her suede creepers went just as fast, those of us who understand the power of these releases knew these slides wouldn't last long. Still, there were a ton of ladies who ended up with disappointment and a lot of money to burn. 

But, of course, when one is frustrated with poorly constructed site releases it's only appropriate to take your grievances to Twitter. Well, appropriate may be a stretch - it sure is entertaining, though.

There is definitely good news and bad new here.  Good news: the slides will probably find their way on eBay within the next few days so, your shot at getting a pair isn't a complete air ball.  The bad news? You'll pay an insane amount.  Don't look to cop Rih's faux fur babies for that $80 USD price tag.

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