Karl Lagerfeld Wants a Chance to Customize Your Kicks

Photo: MCV Photo 

It looks like famed fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld is looking to create his very own NikeiD-style generator, effectively adding sneaker customization to his epic fashion empire.

According to Women's Wear Daily, beginning on July 7, Chanel’s creative director will offer the service on his own website complete with all the options to create your own kicks. You can personalize 10 different elements, from hardware and logos to shoelaces and linings, on either metallic leather, suede or exotic skin uppers. Here's the biggie, though: it’ll cost you between $325 and $3,875 USD and if you're looking for that fast Nike-style 2-day delivery, you're SOL.  The custom shoes will take about six weeks to ship before you can rock your one of a kind Karls.

While $3K (like...do the shoes come with a butler and a self cleaning mechanism or nah?) is way too steep for my sneaker budget, I'm in seeing how this Karl custom sneaker will look and feel. How many of you are nabbing your custom couture kicks? 


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